What Sets Us Apart


Dr. Ghazinouri and our team strive to provide you with a healthy bite to support your beautiful smile. Without a healthy bite, your teeth may not remain straight, eventually causing excessive tooth wear, gum recession, and TMJ problems.

We can provide you with that healthy bite and beautiful smile by:

  • Aligning your upper teeth to properly mesh with your lower teeth, in harmony with each other, your TMJs, and the muscles of your face, jaws, and neck
  • Providing that alignment in such a manner as to create a more beautiful smile
  • Establishing an attitude about your oral health that will help you to maintain and preserve that beautiful smile throughout life

To make this happen for you, we go the extra mile to make sure that there are no surprises:

  • We do a comprehensive orthodontic exam and diagnostic workup for you.This includes mounting your models with your correct bite on an articulator that simulates your TMJ. This way we can be sure to have the correct diagnosis and to create the perfect treatment plan for you. 
  • We make sure that your TMJ is fully accounted for using all necessary diagnostic tools.
  • Our detailed diagnostic records provide us with the best information regarding your dental health, and give us an insight into future growth and development in younger patients.

We have only one concern at Orthodontics of Melrose: giving our patients the best possible treatment to create a healthy bite and beautiful smile.