Melrose Dental Radiology

Melrose Dental Radiology is a dental radiology service located within the office of Dr. Ghazinouri.

Welcome to Melrose Dental Radiology (MDR)

We look forward to meeting you at your scheduled visit. If you don’t have an appointment yet, please call 1-781-665-3585 or e-mail MDR requires a written or oral request by your referring dentist for an appointment. We can discuss any special needs you may have when making your appointment. Please bring your dentist’s referral slip to your appointment so that we can provide you with exactly what you need. You can pay for your MDR services at your visit with a check, cash, or credit card. If you have insurance, we will assist you with your claim forms so you may obtain maximum reimbursement. In order to process your information, please arrive at your appointment at least five minutes early. In order to secure your safety, please remove all jewelry from your head and neck.

Our technician will take low radiation I-CAT® scans of your face and jaws. The I-CAT is an “open” machine that comfortably and painlessly rotates around your head and gathers complete 3D and 2D information in a matter of seconds. We will provide your dentist with this information so that he or she can provide you with the best possible treatment. Your dentist will use a computer to visualize the extremely detailed views of your face, neck, and jaws from many angles. He or she will then be able to discern TMJ disorders, impacted teeth, critical bone and teeth relationships, implant treatment planning, and difficult-to-see pathologies that are difficult to diagnose without these scans. Your safety and good health are our main concerns and we are happy to help you with all that you need to maintain them.